New Approach

  • The frequency range for the non-degraded ear ranges from about 30 Hz to near 20,000 Hz. The chart below shows the progression of age related hearing loss as an individual ages from 45 years to 65 years. This illustrates that the hearing loss is progressive and it is irreversible. The hearing loss evidences itself as a decline at the higher hearing frequencies. This loss becomes serious when it intrudes on the region of normal speech which is from 200 Hz to 8000 Hz, and a decrease is hearing of 20 to 25 dB is sufficient that the individual needs hearing assistance.



  • As seen below for current high end hearing aids the sound amplification peaks near an audio frequency of 3,200 Hz and drops precipitously at higher frequencies, being lower by about 20-24 dB at 4,200 Hz. Thus a very large portion of the hearing spectrum is not assisted by conventional devices. This region contains a significant amount of information in speech, such as sibilant and fricative sounds: especially the difference between singular and plural words such as word and words.